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About Matat

Matat is a private fund dedicated to promote educational and social activities in the Galil, with emphasis on parents educations. The fund was created in 2010 by Liora and Freddy Singer, following their voluntary activities in the Galil after a successful business career in the medical device industry. Other individuals joined them: Rabi Yehuda Gilead, Zvika Rubinstein, Dr. Yaacov Zimmerman, Zahava Mualem, all of them with experience and motivation to contribute to the achievement of the large human potential in the northern part of Israel.

Among the fund's main objectives are bringing closer parents and children, and eventually preventing children leaving school, and falling into the margins of society. The fund supports cooperation between authorities involved in education, and encourages joint activities by religious and secular, Jewish and Arab sectors of the population.

The first activity of Matat, named "For the Family", is focused on creating an innovative, professional, and comprehensive system of parents education, with the city of Safed serving as pilot project, with the Mayor od Safed as a supportive pillar of the Matat initiative.

"For the Family" provides educational courses and seminars to parents, tailored to local needs and conditions.

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